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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fort Worth, Texas

Kevin's last year of medical school was crazy for us. We were lived in Nevada for about 6 months, with the other 6 months being in different states. I'm super glad I was able to go with him and work from home in each place, but I'm even more happy it's over.

His first away rotation was in Fort Worth, Texas. We drove the 20 hours from Las Vegas to Fort Worth, so we could bring our car full of stuff. It was super long, but really fun exploring more of the Southwest. Our only real stop was in Lubbock, Texas to hangout with Michelle and Aaron, who are living there. I loved seeing where they live and spending a little time with them on the way.

Our next stop was right outside of the city. We love caves way to much, so we stopped to explore a little one. I still want to be a cave explorer!

One of my favorite companies, Virtuoso, is in Fort Worth. I was able to work with there in the finance department for the month, and I loved every second of it! I loved learning more about the company from the inside, and dreaming about all of the destinations they send people too. I also loved working in downtown Fort Worth.

Outside of the cute little downtown area and eating really good food, I didn't find much to do in Fort Worth. We decided to drive to Dallas our first weekend to visit some farmers markets and explore (They are something Las Vegas really needed). They turned out great! Although after hitting up a few markets, we didn't find much else that caught our fancy there. We ended up just driving around the rest of the time to get a better feel of the city.

By our second weekend in Fort Worth, we didn't know what else we could do. We were given tickets to a local water park, and due to lack of options we ended up going. I didn't know I like water parks, but apparently I love them, and this one wasn't anything special.

One of the main things we were told to do in Forth Worth was eat local BBQ, and we found some really great ones. One of our favorites was out in the middle of know where, and was everything I'd been imagining.

Our last weekend in Texas we were really determined to get out of Fort Worth. We decided to take a little getaway and drive to Austin for the weekend. It was the best decision, and definitely our best weekend we had that month.

The food in Austin was as good as I expected! There were delicious cafes and food trucks everywhere.

The outdoors were not what I expected. I've always heard Austin was a big outdoors city. These people are kidding themselves and must not leave Texas very often, but I still had a great time even if isn't the outdoor mecca I'd always heard of.

After a month of eating as our only activity, we were excited to go hike and exercise in Austin. Everyone told us about this beautiful hike we had to go on. It ended up being about 1/8 a mile long, and partially paved. I don't think it can count as a hike, but it did end with a lovely view since it's the only hill in Texas.

We waited all evening on the Congress Avenue Bridge for the 1.5 million bats to fly out at dusk. They emerge like a huge cloud every night in the summer to to feed on insects.

Sadly they waited too, and I never got a good photo of them.

After our month working was over we had a few days before we had to be back. We decided to take a little detour on the way home and we drove through the southern part of the states. After stopping in Lubbock one more time, Kevin took me to Carlsbad Caverns. I highly recommend going. Seriously amazing! It's crazy that big of caves exist. Everybody needs to go. It is impossible to really show how big some of the caverns are, just know they are worth seeing!

Thanks Texas!!